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Concrete Polishing Equipment


The Revolution GHP™ system is the next evolution in planetary concrete polishing equipment. GHP™ is a variable speed Grinding, Honing and Polishing machine that runs on energy efficient clean burning propane and eliminates the needs for high voltage power cords. We are pleased to introduce to you the new revolutionary equipment for concrete polishing with a trowel machine. Get faster results and more savings with this excellent equipment.
LP230 Twin 30" Rider w/ Attachments
Why walk through slurry when you can ride?

The propane-powered GHP LP230 is a versatile player in your arsenal of polishing equipment. This highly maneuverable ride-on machine will easily fit through a 32" doorway, while processing the concrete without concern for high voltage cables.

With a path of 30" x 61", the GHP LP230 will easily fit into the bed of a pickup truck. The standard wheel lift kit makes it easy to change our PRODIACC diamond pads without requiring a forklift. The GHP LP230 is EPA and California ARB certified and complies with OSHA indoor air emissions (less than 1% carbon monoxide).

The LP230 comes standard with the following: (8) Plate bearing mounts and pad drivers, Wheel/lift kit, 20 lb. vapor propane tank (shipped empty), electric key start, and splash guard

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: Revolution Brushes (converts the machine into a powerful scrubbing machine.)

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Vapor Propane Tank, 20 lb Commercial Grade
Reduces hydrocarbon emissions by nearly 70%. This LP tank is reverse (left hand) threaded and ships empty.
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Price: $323.44
Wheel/Lift Attachment
This wheel kit is an excellent addition to your trowel machine. The manual lift system allows the rider to quickly raise the machine off the ground and move the machine around the job site as needed.
The wheel kits are sold individually and 2 are required for the machine.
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Price: $724.50