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LP230 Twin 30" Rider w/ Attachments

LP230 Twin 30" Rider w/ Attachments

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Why walk through slurry when you can ride?

The propane-powered GHP LP230 is a versatile player in your arsenal of polishing equipment. This highly maneuverable ride-on machine will easily fit through a 32" doorway, while processing the concrete without concern for high voltage cables.

With a path of 30" x 61", the GHP LP230 will easily fit into the bed of a pickup truck. The standard wheel lift kit makes it easy to change our PRODIACC diamond pads without requiring a forklift. The GHP LP230 is EPA and California ARB certified and complies with OSHA indoor air emissions (less than 1% carbon monoxide).

The LP230 comes standard with the following: (8) Plate bearing mounts and pad drivers, Wheel/lift kit, 20 lb. vapor propane tank (shipped empty), electric key start, and splash guard

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: Revolution Brushes (converts the machine into a powerful scrubbing machine.)