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ProDri™, Slurry Solidifier, 50 lb bag

ProDri™, Slurry Solidifier, 50 lb bag

Price: $134.55
ProDri is used for the solidification and stabilization of waste slurry and other fluids produced from concrete-related applications. It encapsulates any further contaminants left in the slurry and is resistant to leaching making it a cost effective method for safe slurry disposal. ProDri creates solids from the water and contaminants in the slurry sludge to pass the Paint Filter Liquid Test (PFLT) and the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for heavy metals. It is an extremely fast, efficient and cost effective way to dispose of left over slurry sludge. The gelling process requires minor agitation and takes roughly 10 minutes. Once the waste is completely gelled, it is easily disposed as construction waste.

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